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A new client approaches you to provide trust services. What is next? What to do? Sounds simple, after all, you have a procedure in place and you have been creating a client file (DVD) for years. And it's going well, right?

But is it really that simple? DNB has stated in its Toezichtsbeeld DNB trustkantoren that “an important common denominator of the outcome of audits shows that there are still regular shortcomings found in the performance of the mandatory customer due diligence and their recording in the service file (DVD).

How do you ensure that your files are documented in such a way that during your absence, your colleague, the new junior, the auditor but also the supervisor, can understand these files at all times within a limited amount of time?

This PE-Pitstop looks at the how and why of customer due diligence and the challenges presented by the Wtt2018 in this context. The most important elements like the purpose of the structure, the source of funds and source of wealth and the risk analysis are discussed and explained in relation to each other. Practical tips are given and practical situations are outlined.

This course will be conducted in English. This course is aimed at juniors/mediors.


  • Context & Legal framework AML/CFT
  • Client due diligence (CDD):
    • Object company and risk factors
    • Formal and effective control
    • Relevant parts of the structure
    • Risk analysis
    • Record keeping
  • UBO
    • Identification and verification
    • Source of wealth
    • PEP
  • Ongoing due diligence
    • Client Monitoring
    • Transaction Monitoring
  • FIU reporting


Friday December 3, 2021

9:00 - 12:15


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Datum, tijd en locatie
Vrijdag 3 december 2021
9:00 - 12:15
Online webinar

Prijs: €295 (excl. btw)

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  • pe hqHQ: 3 PE-punten


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