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SInce March 27th of this year more than 1,5 million organisations in the Netherlands have to register their UBO's. Such as B.V.'s, N.V.'s, foundations, associations, v.o.f.'s, STAK's, partnerships, C.V.'s, ANBI's, churches. Followed by the UBO-register for trusts on November 1st. On November 22nd, the European Court of Justice ruled on the accessibility of the UBO-register. According to the CJEU, the general public’s access to information on UBO's constitutes a serious interference with the fundamental rights to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data.

The UBO register is a centrally maintained and public register in which ultimately interested parties of companies and other legal entities are and will be registered. Obligations are created for:

  • the UBO to work with;
  • those responsible for implementing changes in the Trade Register within an organisation (directors, company lawyers) in order to pass on, monitor and change UBO data; and
  • Wwft institutions to check the UBO data and report it if they are not registered correctly.

Although the obligations are in effect for several months now, we notice that there are still many practical questions about the UBO-register and its consequences. Therefore we will clarify the UBO-register and explain the qualification of the UBO-register with examples and structures during this course.

In addition we will briefly cover the newly instated Trust Register and the CJEU November-ruling.

This course will be conducted in English. This is an online course. U will receive intructions prior to this course. It's not neccesary to install an application.



  • What is the UBO-register?
  • What data are registered and made public?
  • Qualification UBO (UBO-definition) with examples of structures
  • Who is responsible and liable for registration, monitoring and modification of the UBO data?
  • Exceptions and shielding possibilities
  • What to do when the UBO-register comes into force
  • Asset protection and structuring
  • Consequences and possibilities for current and new structures (Open CV, FJR (FGR), Foundation)
  • Foreign Legal entities
  • Governance
  • Fiscal implications
  • Practical examples of structures
  • Trust Register
  • CJEU ruling of November 22nd


Thursday, December 8th

12:00 until 14:00


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Datum, tijd en locatie
Donderdag 8 december 2022
12:00 - 14:00
Online webinar

Prijs: €195 (excl vat)

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