PE-Pitstop Transaction monitoring (advanced)


This course will be conducted in English. 

As a gatekeeper, a trust office must identify and mitigate the integrity risks, including money laundering and terrorist financing. This is an ongoing obligation, which means that transaction monitoring is the core process within your trust office. You know what is meant by the term 'transactions', why you must monitor them and you understand the relationship with the risk analysis and the transaction profile. In short, you are familiar with the 'what' and 'why'.

But how should you implement the structure and implementation of transaction monitoring at client level in practice? What should you do now for this specific client, what do you request, when and how often? What do you need to record where?

In this in-depth transaction monitoring course, it will be discussed in more detail how you can appropriately set up, implement and record transaction monitoring at client level from a theoretical framework. You will learn that the way in which you monitor (check) depends on the tendencies, risks and other characteristics of the customer and the nature and type of the transactions, so that you can ask appropriate and targeted (audit) questions.


  • Relevant transaction monitoring laws and regulations: Wtt, Wwft
  • Transaction monitoring as risk mitigation
  • Thinking framework: principles from control theory (including tendencies)
  • Practical application and embedding in the practice of the trust office
  • Good and bad practices
  • Practical examples


Woensdag 26 oktober 2022

15:30 tot 18:45 uur


Ja, ik wil me inschrijven voor PE-Pitstop Transaction monitoring (advanced) te Hotel Schiphol A4. De factuur à €295 (excl. btw) ontvang ik kort voor de startdatum van de cursus.


Datum, tijd en locatie
Woensdag 26 oktober 2022
15.30 uur - 18.45 uur
Hotel Schiphol A4

Prijs: €295 (excl. btw)

Betaling: U ontvangt kort voor de startdatum de factuur.

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